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Our mission is to create magnificent gentle and just the right size Grand Vanners. The Shires have a wonderful disposition and are beautiful but they are tall and hard to get on without a tailgate. The Gypsy Vanners also have a wonderful disposition and are beautiful but they are small and many people do not feel comfortable riding them. Gypsy Vanners are typically between 13.2 and 15.2 HH but any size meeting the breed's conformation and disposition standards are acceptable. 

To get to the ultimate goal of our Grand Vanners we will start with crossing our Shires with Gypsy Vanners to produce our Foundation Grand Vanners (FGV). Which meet the International Drum Horse Association's definition of a Drum Horse. We will take the best of our FGV and cross them back to the best of our Irish Cobs / Gypsy Vanners. These crosses will create larger horses with excellent conformation and dispositions that will be over 15.2 HH.

We have 5 NEW ARRIVALS Chloe a Gypsy filly (believe she is a silver buckskin Tobanio) Born May 10th. She is built and beautiful, Aura Grace a Gypsian - Gypsy/Friesian cross silver dapple also fantastic and not named yet 3 Drum colts one (believe is a silver bay with blue eyes!). 

We have 2 NEW ARRIVALS Zoro a hansom Gypsy / Friesian cross and Zoey a wonderful  Gypsy / Shire crosses. 

We have 3 NEW ARRIVALS, Thor, Jasmine, and Rajah 3 Shire Gypd
Our background
We are Mike and Julie Hodziewich and we are excited to introduce our horses to you. We have owned horses for over 30 years. Julie grew up with horses and Mike rode Klondike, a Shire Gelding, for seventeen years.